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Services for Education Agencies & Institutions

We've worked with numerous local and state K12 and higher ed agencies, integrating their data from transactional systems to enable accurate and efficient collection, integration, and use of critical enterprise data. We can analyze your existing technology infrastructure, identify opportunities for improvement, and optimize the flow of critical data throughout your organization.

  • System and data flow analysis

  • Process optimization

  • Align technology landscape with your strategic plans


We have extensive experience in managing and executing the end-to-end Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). This is a core expertise and a key value we bring to the client. We have worked jointly and individually on technology solutions for local and state education agencies and institutions of higher education across the country. We can help you with any or all of the following aspects of your software implementations:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Project Management

  • Requirements Definition

  • Business Analysis

  • System Design & Development

  • Data & System Integration

  • Setup & Configuration

  • Training & Professional Development


ETA has the people you need to get the job done. Whether it's a short-term development cycle you need to kick into high gear or a long-term project that you need to staff – we have the right resources for you.


Recruiting is a full-time job. Let ETA connect you with the right personnel from our extensive industry contacts.

The education data landscape includes a number of competing data standards - Ed-Fi, CEDS (Common Education Data Standards), IMS Global, and IPEDS, to name a few. We are well-versed in education data standards. We can outline the relative strengths and weaknesses of competing education data standards, and help you identify which is right for you in achieving interoperability among your enterprise systems.

Student Information Systems, Special Education Systems, grade books, assessment systems, human resource management systems, professional development systems - these and many more information management systems across your enterprise are typically acquired at different times, by various stakeholders, to meet disparate goals. But to truly unlock the value of your data, these systems need to share information seamlessly. We have many years of experience making disparate systems interoperable. Let us help:

  • Identify interoperability goals and requirements

  • Design a plan to achieve interoperability

  • Gain buy-in from stakeholders for interoperability efforts

  • Implement mechanisms to enable interoperability


Contact us to schedule a phone call, and let’s discuss how we can help you succeed.