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ETA's co-founders pull from a diverse range of experiences. The team built its foundations in the military, on Wall Street and in the classroom. Most importantly, each partner found a home in the EdTech industry and carved out a career path here.

Dave, Russ, and Lisa crossed paths several years ago working on projects centered on longitudinal data systems for education agencies. Through their collaborative efforts, a genuine sense of partnership and shared goals evolved.

While each continued to build their careers, they kept circling back to the idea of a more nimble and versatile organization that would meet the rapidly changing needs of the EdTech industry and growing demands of education agencies and higher education institutions. From that shared vision, EdTech Advisors was born.

Our Story


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Our Partners
Lisa McNicholas


Over the past 16 years Lisa McNicholas has honed her expertise in education at the school, district and state levels. Her various roles have offered unique experiences and insights into the EdTech industry and P-20 public education sector. McNicholas has demonstrated an aptitude for building strategic relationships and optimizing organizational growth. In addition, she has had the opportunity to identify, evaluate and develop outstanding education solutions for this heavily saturated market. McNicholas has a proven track record of creating and implementing training and professional development initiatives that accelerate a solution’s adoption and long term success.  When McNicholas isn't taking care of her little guy, she is throwing on her sneakers and heading out for a run.

Russ Redgate brings over 25 years of business technology experience to the challenge of sustainable information systems for the P-20 education market. His introduction to information systems and data analytics came as an equity analyst on Wall Street. As a heavy user of real-time and historical data feeds, his natural curiosity and a recognition of the emerging Age of Information drove him to study analysis and design of information systems. His unique combination of business acumen, technology expertise, and natural leadership skills led him to increasing positions of responsibility in IT departments and software product teams. For the last 12+ years he has led software product teams focused directly on education data management. Mr. Redgate is a product management and data expert well versed in data modeling, data integration, data management, education data standards, and system design / architecture. In recent years he has learned to surf, and only regrets not having done so earlier in life (and that there’s not a single wave to be ridden in the state of Connecticut).

Dave Scollard has a deep background in data processing, data analytics, project management, and human resource recruitment. He began his analytical training in Signals Intelligence for the United States Air Force working with agencies such as the Air Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, and Cryptologic Operation Centers overseas. His subsequent private sector experience has included positions as a programmer / analyst, project manager, and ultimately VP of Decision Support Services for a firm providing strategic consulting services to state and district education agencies. For the last 10 years he has worked with SEA’s and LEA’s on implementing business intelligence solutions spanning the breadth of educational data including P-20 Longitudinal data system projects. He has held numerous positions on SLDS implementation teams comprised of business analysts, project managers, and business intelligence developers. In his spare time, he likes to practice TAE KWON DO with his daughter and work as a caddie for a professional golfer on the PGA tour.