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We are techies, trainers, educators and business developers. ETA's co-founders have more than 35 years of combined experience in the education technology space.  We have been participants in the evolution of EdTech and want to share our expertise with you.



EdTech Advisors (ETA) helps you succeed. Whether you are a fledgling EdTech start up, a K-12 school district, or an institution of higher education – we'll help you define your EdTech strategy, execute on key projects, and shape your positioning and messaging to maximize adaption and growth. ETA has deep EdTech experience building and implementing business intelligence systems for education and integrating the plethora of data silos across the enterprise to unlock the value of information so it can work for you and your customers. We've been navigating the EdTech landscape as it evolves. We've gained insight into what works, and what's required to make it work. We've led teams through the full lifecycle of adoption, from sales & marketing to design, development, implementation, risk management, and training. Contact us and let's discuss how we can add value for your organization.



EdTech Companies

You are the latest arrival to the EdTech industry. You and your team are working around the clock to make your innovations come to life and to get them into the hands of educators and students. Time is of the essence and your team is at capacity. You are making tough decisions about how to staff and where to invest resources… and grappling with how to let the world know all about the amazing things you are doing.


K-12 Schools and Districts, Higher Education Institutions

You are being asked to do more with less each year. The students you serve need 21st Century Skills and high levels of technology-based engagement. Your educators and administrators need to be armed with timely, accurate data and tools, and the confidence and training to use them effectively. There are state and federal reporting requirements, mandated technology plans and a responsibility to keep all constituents safe with privacy intact. This is no small task for your staff and resources are being stretched thin.